Deliverable 6.1 - SPECIAL website set up (M3)

Deliverable 6.1

This document provides an overview of the initial SPECIAL project website as it stands at Project Month 3.

Deliverable 1.2 - Legal requirements for a privacy enhancing Big Data V1 (M6)

Deliverable 1.2

This is the report providing details of all legal and ethical considerations, as a main input for the SPECIAL privacyaware platform.

Deliverable 3.1 - Initial setup of policy aware Linked Data architecture and engine (M6)

Deliverable 3.1

This document describes the deployment of a development environment based on the BDE platform with the semantification extensions

Deliverable 7.3 - Quality, risk and data management plan (M6)

Deliverable 7.3

This document describes in detail how the project will collaborate to meet its objectives, enumerating tools and resources, and by identifying effective risk management procedures

Deliverable 1.3 - Policy, transparency and compliance guidelines V1 (M8)

Deliverable 1.3

This document includes details on the policy and transparency considerations of the use case, and the compliance requirements against policies

Deliverable 1.4 - Technical requirements V1 (M8)

Deliverable 1.4

This is the report on technical requirements and challenges that arise in extending the BDE architecture to cope with all privacyaware SPECIAL requirements while assuring scalability and security.

Deliverable 6.3 - Plan for community group and standardisation contribution (M9)

Deliverable 6.3

This document will set the basis for the SPECIAL consortium involvement in events/workshops and standardisation activities

Deliverable 2.1 - Policy Language V1 (M12)

 Deliverable 2.1

This document will introduce the usage policy language of SPECIAL

Deliverable 2.2 - Formal representation of the legislation V1 (M12)

 Deliverable 2.2

This document will include the summary the results of our structural analysis of the text of the GDPR and details our initial thoughts on the the formal representation of the GDPR, which will be iteratively refined throughout the course of the project.

Deliverable 2.3 - Transparency Framework V1 (M14)

 Deliverable 2.3

This document describes the design of an immutable record of data transactions/transformations, associated to Linked Data access/usage policies

Deliverable 2.4 - Transparency and Compliance Algorithms V1 (M14)

Deliverable 2.4

This document describes the development of transparency and compliance algorithms  to assure that any data processing is inline with the policies and the legislation, and to provide synthesis of policies for mined and aggregated data based on the user context, on top of the designed transparency framework.

Deliverable 1.6 - Legal requirements for a privacy enhancing Big Data V2 (M15)

 Deliverable 1.6

This document will include details on the policy and transparency considerations of the use case, and the compliance requirements against policies.

Deliverable 3.2 - Policy & events release (M16)

 Deliverable 3.2

This release provides more mature components mainly the policy and synthesis management ones. It will also integrate the progress made in the authentication and authorisation.

Deliverable 4.1 - Transparency dashboard and control panel release V1 (M16)

 Deliverable 4.1

This release will include policy and event data visualisation and system interaction.

 Deliverable 1.8 - Technical Requirements V2 (M17)

 Deliverable 1.8

This document reports on the technical requirements and challenges for the SPECIAL platform and represents an update over D1.4

Deliverable 3.3 - Scalability and Robustness testing report V1 (M18)

 Deliverable 3.3

The aim of this deliverable is to test the scalability and robustness of the SPECIAL platform such that the results can be used to inform future releases of the platform.

Deliverable 4.2 - Usability testing report V1 (M18)

 Deliverable 4.2

The results of the usability testing (T4.4) will be documented and used to inform future releases of the platform (D4.3 & D4.5).


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